Liquorice Productions offer a diverse variety of film & photography solutions, each tailored to your initial vision and requirements. We’ll work hand in hand with you throughout the process, as a turnkey solution and bring your vision to life..

Video Strategy & Planning

Dependant on the industry, the purpose of a film can vary greatly, together with the platform it is intended to be shared on. The Liquorice team have the expertise and ability to interchange seamlessly between different industry goals; sharing ideas, concepts and suggestions from previous knowledge and experience in the field.

Creative Direction

We strive to ensure that our best ideas are put in-front of our clients to best fit their initial vision and brief. We guide them through the entire creative process, from concept development, script-building and visual storyboards, to meet and hopefully exceed, their expectations.


Storyboarding is the first stage in the pre-production pipeline, allowing you to visualise and get a real feel for what your video is going to look like. Our key to this pre-planning process is with our in house illustration artists, who fully visualise the project concepts, and map out the structure of the film through storyboards, in advance on each project. This process makes certain that the filming process runs smoothly as it creates a value added structure, as well as saves precious time when capturing each scene.

Liquorice's storyboarding asset is available as a standalone external service, for your pre-shoot planning requirements. Please contact us for more information.

Video production

Liquorice produces outstanding, brand-led video content for a diverse range of clients. We are proud to work with a wide variety of clients, both large and small, from a diverse range of sectors. Video’s can be created and tailored for clients in a variety of mediums, such as online social content, event & hospitality, corporate, residential, narrative driven documentaries, music videos and promotional pieces.

Ultimately, it’s about getting your message across to your target audience in a visual and engaging manner. Whether you’re looking for a seasonal marketing campaign, social viral video, a testimonial series or a corporate demonstration video – we can help.

Having the correct equipment for the job is something that shouldn’t be put to one side. Liquorice Productions is part of the Sony family and made the decision to invest for the future, ensuring all of our equipment is of the highest standard to be able to produce content surpassing the client's expectations.

Post Production

We offer a full range of post-production services, including editing, sound design and colour grading.

We have a dedicated edit suite using the latest Apple computer technology. This suit comprises of colour accurate screens, hard drives with redundancy in place to ensure that your edits are safe, and finally, we have a professional audio solutions to allow for and provide an accurate representation of sounds.

We all know that the music behind the video is the the key element. Liquorice have access to an extensive global music library, as well as the ability to provide specifically composed sound tracks, delivering quality compositions that complement each production.


Our in house photographers have an extensive portfolio of experience, covering events, portraits, interiors, products, food & beverage and many more. We have a vast range of expertise and eye in capturing the desired result, together with editing and producing the final photography products through an efficient, state of the art editing software.


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Drone filming is an increasingly popular method for capturing a unique perspective of events, buildings, urban environments and landscapes through aerial footage. Liquorice have their own drone, camera equipment and trained operators, as well as extensive knowledge in the world of permits - with all of this in mind, we can capture remarkable and impressive footage for your project.

Sound Design

Have you got a unique video concept, but can’t quite get your finger on the perfect soundtrack to fit it? Our sound designer has over 25 years experience in the global music industry, and is able to create anything from Smooth Pop to Uplifting Reggae. On top of the instrumental, we have the ability to add vocals - the choice is yours.